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Inventory index rises, price war adds drama! Domestic auto dealers under pressure

Inventory index rises, price war increases, domestic auto dealers are under pressure

Under the influence of the epidemic situation and the traditional selling off-season in summer, domestic auto dealers are under more pressure.

According to the performance of the latest \ The

inventory warning index increased

year on year

dealer revenue decreases

According to the latest statistical data, the inventory warning index of automobile dealers in June 2020 was 56.8%, up 6.4 percentage points compared with the same period in previous years, and the inventory early warning index was above the prosperity and withering line.

According to the China Automobile Circulation Association, the launch of several auto shows in June and the promotion of sports in June, as well as the introduction of preferential policies by local authorities, manufacturers and dealers, will certainly help increase passenger flow and sales volume. However, it is worth noting that June is at the half year compulsory assessment node. In order to improve the assessment obligations, most dealers use price for quantity to pick up the terminal. The oversupply leads to strong price competition, and the profit of single vehicle is reduced. It even shows that the selling price is lower than the purchase price, which means that the sales price is lower than the purchase price.

In fact, after the outbreak of the epidemic, Jilin kuai-3 predicted that, taking into account the actual situation of the cold market, a number of automobile enterprises, including Beijing Hyundai, Audi, Volvo, GAC motor, etc., issued \ In Xiangyang District of Beijing, the sales of a faw-most 4S shop informed reporters: \ An Audi distribution store in the west of the city also takes inventory adjustment as the focus of this year. \

brands with stronger brand strength are relatively easy during the epidemic period. \ A group of data from the automobile circulation association also confirmed that automobile dealers are facing greater business pressure. On July 1, the \

for the collective surplus of the brand, a number of dealers of the same brand reflected it: \ In view of this, the Automobile Circulation Association expects that the demand for new cars will be clearly shortened in the next few months due to the overdraft of demand and the fact that July is the off-season of traditional automobile consumption. Moreover, the batch sales volume of manufacturers will continue to increase, and the inventory pressure of dealers will be further increased.

The base number of

clearing in the same period is high

Forecast of passenger car sales in June will decrease

year on year The reporter visited the market in late June and found that many auto dealers in Beijing have launched online and offline promotion campaigns with 6.18 nodes. As soon as July entered, SAIC-GM Wuling launched a high-profile official reduction and launched a price war.

According to a notice for the sale of an American brand in the East Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, from the beginning of March, online promotion such as live car sales was the first in the store, \ However, based on data analysis, the passenger car market news Association believes that \

for the sales trend of passenger cars in June, the automobile circulation association also looks forward to the following: in 2019, driven by the inventory clearing of national five models, the sales volume of collective passenger cars will increase abnormally, with a high base in the same period, and the decline rate in June will be clearly expanded again.

luxury car market alone

The consumption and upgrading trend of

is further clear

However, the market is not bleak. Under the background of the down going car market, the trend of consumption upgrading is becoming more and more clear.

According to the statistics of the Travel Association, the domestic luxury car sales volume in May was 225600, an increase of 26.6% year-on-year; from January to may, the cumulative sales volume of domestic luxury car market reached 807200, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4%. Although the cumulative sales volume in the first five months is still negative growth, but its decline rate is the lowest among the three major market segments, which is better than the degree of collective industry.

the price for quantity of luxury cars and \ However, with the gradual release of inventory pressure, luxury brands' preferential policies for major models are being reversed. According to the statistics of the Circulation Association, one-sided domestic luxury cars and imported luxury cars were the first to show the preferential recovery trend in June, the first to maintain a relatively thick profit, and gradually recover the travel volume model concessions.

For the luxury car market, the automobile circulation association holds a smiling and unpleasant attitude: in the luxury car market, due to the rapid inventory of national five models in previous years, large-scale models in June have been completed and switched. Since this year, the upward trend of luxury car market is clear, and the sales volume of luxury car segment market in June will not drop too much; from July to August this year, under the condition of relatively low base number in the same period, it is expected to achieve The ideal is long.

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